Race 2012: A Conversation About Race and Politics in America

I'm a Race 2012 BloggerI am a Race 2012 Blogger.

Race 2012: A Conversation About Race and Politics in America

Race does it matter in this 2012 election? Will it affect the election outcome?  My response- it better.

Why?  For two main reasons:

One, because we are part of the global economy; and two, others fought long and hard for all races to vote in the United States of America and for a reason- To be heard. To be represented.

Every voice, every race matters.

I have never felt more relieved to be a citizen of the United States, as when Barack Obama was elected.  To me, it demonstrated that maybe, just maybe, there was still democracy in the USA, we, the little people of many races could come together and be heard.   And, that voting hasn’t been completely hijacked by big corporations and private interest as I came to believe during the Bush years.  No longer did I have to travel or live overseas and feel afraid or shameful that I was American; sometimes for safety, needing to claim I was Canadian, as I did during the Bush years. The world did not like Bush.  The world did not like what he stood for.  I am an American citizen, but living in Brazil. My acceptance as a human being has greatly improved with Obama in office-globally.  I believe the world feels more comfortable with Obama representing the United States of America as the world is racially diverse and all our lives and livelihoods are intertwined.

Does race matter in this 2012 electoral race? It better, in my opinion, and it is imperative that all races vote, for if you do not speak by casting your vote, you have little to no chance to be heard and listened to, and what you have to say and think matters.  Vote.  I am, and I am from abroad.

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  1. Stephanie, Thanks for bringing to light how difficult it sometimes is to be an American living abroad. We love our freedom here, and our democracy, but sometimes it’s difficult to explain to others why we do the things we do, and why racism is still so prevalent. Which is why we need to keep writing about it and taking a stand for our convictions, hoping one day that the rest will get the message. We can only hope!

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