Writing & Yoga

Writing and Yoga are soul mates. Yoga reveals insights; Writing is the recorder. Yoga balances the rhythms of breath; Writing surfs breath through oceans of language. Yoga taps the unconscious mind; Writing transcribes the wisdom of the unconscious. Writing requires work; Yoga is the assistant. Writing is an offering to the world; Yoga eases the offering’s sacrifice. Writing is a solo act; Yoga provides community.


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3 responses to “Writing & Yoga

  1. akismet-481601fa3b99d0a799eaeda072dd611d

    Wow! Super insightful, something I needed in all this morning drama. Love it Steph! Great work! I feel better and more calm just reading it! Words of Wisdom to live by. Love Life.

    Love you, Tammy

  2. Fantastic and true! Never realized how well the two go hand in hand.

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