Book Reviews: Historical Novel Society

hns-twitter[1]I am pleased to announce in February I will begin writing eBook reviews for the Historical Novel Society.

Please visit the Historical Novel Society Indie Book Reviews page at: .

About the Historical Novel Society:

Founded in 1997 the HNS was conceived to campaign for the literary genre of historical fiction.  Two magazines were developed for this cause: Solander (no longer being published as of 2011) and Historical Novels ReviewTo date, the HNS has reviewed 5,272 historical books, making it the preeminent clearing house for historical fiction in the English language. These reviews and 108 featured articles can be viewed online at: As an international society HNS aims to review all US and UK mainstream published titles, and as many other historical novels written in the English language worldwide, along with the desire to eventually cover foreign language titles as well.

The organization is based in the UK and USA and membership is open to the world — to anyone with an interest in historical fiction: readers, writers, publishers, editors  ̶  yes everyone!

In addition to the review print magazine and online reviews, the HNS facilitates writers’ conferences and social media groups, creating spaces to bring together the excitement, knowledge, exchange, and love of historical novels.

For more information visit:

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