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I’d like to thank historical fiction writer Jessica Knauss for sponsoring “The Historical Fiction Blog Hop” where historical novelists post a 10 sentence excerpt from a book they are working on.

It is my pleasure to share from my current work-in-progress:  Cut From The Earth, a story of 18th century Portuguese tile and of love — defying gender and class — of destruction — and the power of nature and love to guide and  heal.

It is November 1, 1755, All Saints Day in Lisbon, Portugal — most of the city’s populace is at church or getting ready to go, when “The Great Lisbon Earthquake” strikes with mayhem to follow…


“An unexpected jolt shot through Piloto’s body, ejecting the tile from his hand.  It shattered.  He watched as barrels of chalky glazes shook, their thick soups boiling over their rims, as their mixing paddles churned.  The viscous substances ebbed and flowed: manganese browns, copper greens, cobalt blues, iron-oxide oranges, creating an amalgam of colors on the ground.

Rolling pins fell off counters, and ricocheted end on end before congregating in a pile, next to the vats.  Dried goat balls the size of peaches used for applying glazes vaulted to the floor, paint squirting out their nozzle ends.  Buckets of paintbrushes careened, the brushes scattering like plucked feathers.  Work pedestals spun.  Small glass jars of pigments vibrated across tabletops; others wobbled off, exploding.  Water spilled from barrel containers, housing gooey slip used to join clay pieces, and formed puddles on the floor’s uneven low spots…”

For more information about the novel please see my blog post “The Next Big Thing” and my “Historical Novel” page where you can read the complete excerpt this clip was taken from, and more about the book.
Please visit Jessica Knauss blog to connect with the other authors participating in “The Historical Fiction Blog Hop”! And thanks again Jessica!


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5 responses to “Excerpt from CUT FROM THE EARTH

  1. Thanks, Stephanie. I like the sense of chaos in the tile shop.

  2. I love the sensory details in this scene–especially the glaze colors! Thanks for the delicious appetizer.

  3. akismet-481601fa3b99d0a799eaeda072dd611d

    Nice! Love it! xoxo ~ T

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