About Yoga

Daily, yoga assists me in my creative endeavor of writing, teaching yoga, and painting.  My yoga practice expands and invigorates my creative process, artistic development, and health.

I practice and I’m a Certified teacher of Integrative Yoga Therapy (Hatha Yoga), incorporating elements of Somatic Movements, Reflexology, and Mantra Yoga.  Integrative yoga honors individual body types and is a forever expanding and evolving practice. Classes begin with body consciousness centering then ebb into gentle stretching, yoga postures and sequences, meditation and/or Yoga Nidra, finishing with closing gestures.

Also, I study and teach Kum NyeTibetan Yoga, Certified by the Nyingma Institute of Brazil. Nyingma is the “Old School” of Tibet Buddhism. Kum Nye yoga originates from the ancient Buddhist Vinaya and Tibetan medical texts . The word “Kum” means to expand, “Nye” means to stimulate the flux of energy in the body- to bring the body and mind into equilibrium. Tibetan born, Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche, brought the Kum Nye Relaxation method to the West after Chinese occupation in Tibet. Kum Nye is an ancient structured yoga practice, developed and rooted in Buddhism, combining postures with meditation and self-massage. The practice balances, opens and expands oneself.

In addition, I practice and I’m inspired by Vinyasa YogaFlow Yoga as taught by Shiva Rea. Vinyasa Yoga has a philosophy that parallels writing a novel: arc, linking of sequences/breath, transitions, bursting forth and contracting back, a closing of the circle that threads back to the beginning. Flow Yoga can be dynamic or a slow stretching and investigative practice.

I began a serious personal yoga practice after being diagnosed with functional sclerosis, the end of 2005, brought on by stress, a-late-in-life diagnosis of gluten intolerance, hard work and hard play. After years of yoga practice, experimenting and seeking, I was able to bring my spine back into place and to live pain-free again. Throughout the healing process I gleaned self-knowledge and an understanding of the body and its parts. Doors beyond the postures were revealed, a journey of the spirit unfolded.

Today, teaching, I hope to assist others in realizing your authentic best self and facilitating self-expression: connecting with others, the earth, the muse, the universe.  My objective is to create the space for discovery, relaxation, investigation, and to just BE– and this the state that creativity likes to manifest into.  

“Om Eim Saraswatiyei Swaha” –  “Om and salutations to the feminine Saraswati principle”, a mantra for Success in Education, Music, and Artistic Endeavors.



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