About Writing

Earth. Long standing, I have loved the natural world and it’s wonders.   I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, near the glacier covered North Cascade Mountains, in Washington State, USA.  As a kid, I was raised on soft pine-needled trails in forests of douglas fir and cedar and along the waters of the Salish Sea.

I have lived, worked, and studied in West Africa, Europe, China, Latin America, and South America.  Adventure defines my life; as does my love of the unknown.  I have driven and explored the Pan-American Highway; owned and traveled by camel in Niger, West Africa; researched and painted exotic plants in the Peruvian Amazon; rowed an open dory for 40 days amongst the little known islands off the southern coast of Brazil; and trekked solo in the Himalayas of Nepal.

It is no wonder I love and write fiction for it is yet another way to explore –to journey.

My current work-in-progress is a historical novel, Cut From the Earth, an adventure story with an art thread and a subtle environmental comment.  I love 18th century history spanning the globe.  I was co-owner and a business writer for Airspeed Skateparks LLC for 10 years.  I’ve written freelance for numerous trade journals, and fiction for the literary publications Lalitamba and American Athenaeum. I write feature stories for the Historical Novel Society and Historical Novel Review.

Currently, I live along the southern coast of Brazil, near patches of the once massive Atlantic Rain Forest, a rain forest that used to run the length of the Brazilian Atlantic coast.  Today 5-7% of this great forest, older than the Amazon, is intact.  Despite its reduced size and its listing as the second most endangered rain forest in the world, after Madagascar’s, the Brazilian Mata Atlantica can boast more indigenous tree species per hectare than any other forest in the world.

And this is where I write from.

Thank you for visiting my blog.



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