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Call for Submissions: Stories of Serendipity

images (1)Open/closing dates for submissions:  June 13-July 13, 2013

Description: Open to all writers of historical fiction. Submit stories of serendipitous experiences while writing and publishing historical fiction. I am looking for coincidental tales to be included in a forthcoming online article for the Historical Novel Society: “Stories of Serendipity: Writing Historical Fiction”. The interactive column will post on the HNS main website sometime late summer/early fall 2013.  The article will showcase a collection of authors’ stories, while exploring possible reasons behind such wondrous occurrences.

For good story examples please visit these links:

  1. Maryanne O’Hara’s novel: CASCADE
  2. Erika Mailman’s novel: THE WITCHES TRINITY
  3. Essie Fox’s novel:  THE SOMMAMBULIST

To Submit:  Answer the two prompts below. Open word count, but 400 words or less is suggested. Email your stories/explanations to stephaniereneedossantos@gmail.com  and specify your name, novel, and return email contact address.

  1. Please share your story of serendipity related to a historical novel you are writing or have written.
  2. How do you explain such coincidences?

Note: I will contact all writers who submit stories, letting you know if your story will be included or otherwise.  I will contact each person by email no later than July 18th, 2013.

Further questions please contact me/Stephanie Renée dos Santos: stephaniereneedossantos@gmail.com .

Thank you for submitting and sharing your magical writing moments!



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