Writing & Yoga Retreat Brazil!

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Rregistration is now closed for the 2013 retreat.

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Writing & Yoga Retreat Brazil

“Breathe in Yoga & Exhale the Muse”

Join Us in Brazil…

For a week-long writing and yoga intensive, March 31-April, 2013, a retreat for writers with manuscripts-in-progress.  Come immerse yourself in your project — and in yoga — while steeped in the lush natural beauty and coastal calm of southern Brazil.

The retreat includes daily guided yoga and writing exercises in the morning, afternoon and early evening.

Writers will stay at the Alecrim Pousada, a hotel with tropical gardens and local cuisine.  Each writer will have their own guest room equipped with a writing table, bathroom and bed.  The hotel grounds have various places to write in solitude.  Come write in the presence of hummingbirds, bright red hibiscus flowers, and floppy leaf banana trees and palms.   Afternoons we will visit beaches, lakes, waterfalls, and the jungle to practice yoga and write; immersing each writer into a new natural ambience with the potential and purpose of triggering fresh work and inspiration.  The daily yogic practices will assist in opening the space within you for your writing to: flow, burst, seep.

Yoga will be led by yoga teachers/writers, myself, Stephanie Renée dos Santos and Jasmine Pittenger. Writer Merridawn Duckler, a senior teaching fellow of fiction and non-fiction at The Attic Institute in Portland, Oregon will lead the morning and afternoon writing, assisted by Jasmine Pittenger and Stephanie Renee dos Santos.

“ I LOVED the location! It couldn’t have been more ideal… I found myself experiencing an yin/yang pull with each chakra we wrote about. It was interesting to see how a few simple poems unveiled themselves as we sat along the water.”  -Writer, Melody Alderman work-in-progress memoir “The Son of My Smile”, Summer 2012 Writing & Yoga Workshop, Bellingham, WA

Relax. Expand. Write.

Writing & Yoga

Writing and Yoga are soul mates. Yoga reveals insights; Writing is the recorder. Yoga balances the rhythms of breath; Writing surfs breath through oceans of language. Yoga taps the unconscious mind; Writing transcribes the wisdom of the unconscious. Writing requires work; Yoga is the assistant. Writing is an offering to the world; Yoga eases the offering’s sacrifice. Writing is a solo act; Yoga provides community.

The writing and yoga practices in this retreat aim to kindle your creative fire and liberate your authentic voice and deepest truths.

A writer often needs time alone to connect with the Muse, or to bring concentrated effort to complete a project. A writing retreat combined with yoga offers an ideal space in which to focus on writing without interruptions and to relax into ones work.

Writers often suffer from physical pain in the shoulders, neck, head, lower back, hips and eyes. This stress in the body can inhibit or block creativity. A daily yoga practice helps reverse and relieve bodily tension; when the body is eased, so are the tensions of the mind.

Yoga Benefits for the Writer: What you can expect to experience in our retreat

  • Open your chest, bring your shoulders back, loosen up your neck, and increase circulation to your head. Improve your posture after long days at the computer and reading
  • Stretch and awaken your mind
  • Open your hips, where creativity, emotions and creative expression often get trapped
  • Learn to create and access the state that creativity likes to manifest into: A state of empowerment, focus, grounding, intuition, strength, compassion, staying power
  • Learn to set intentions/goals for your writing and visualize/meditate on them
  • Create balance, which will increase your ability to focus clearly
  • Experience community
  • Release your mind and body and open the space for ideas to flow

“Writers need dedicated time to work and that can be hard to come by in everyday life. By going on retreat, you honor the space and energy it takes to organize your story and bring it to life on paper. You can use your whole mind, without distraction. Yoga is a good counter balance to a daily writing practice because while it is also dynamic and concentrated, your mind comes into the process through the senses. Being in a community of writers raises everyone’s standards. Workshops are the public declaration of being a writer and prove your courage and willingness to test your ideas and send your writing out into the world.” –Merridawn Duckler

To learn more read this article by Stephanie as posted at Women On Writing:  Writing & Yoga Retreats: What are They? How do They Benefit Writers?

Merridawn Duckler has published fiction and nonfiction in Carolina Quarterly Main Street Rag, Isotope, Green Mountains Review, Night Train, Contact Quarterly, Cerise, and Brevity. She’s a three-time winner of the Professional Society of Journalists and an NEA awardee with work performed at Red Cat at Disney Hall, among other venues, and reviewed in The L.A Times and The New York Times.

For more information see Merridawn’s blog:  www.merridawnduckler.com and www.atticinstitute.com .

Stephanie Renée dos Santos  has published fiction in Lalitamba and writes freelance for Gluten-Free Living.  She is a Certified Yoga Teacher in Integrative Yoga Therapy and Kum Nye- Tibetan Yoga; and uses yoga daily to assist herself and others in creative endeavors. She teaches yoga, writes from, and lives in Garopaba, Brazil.

Jasmine Pittenger did an MA in Magazine Journalism and interned with The New York Times in West Africa.  Her creative nonfiction has appeared in Boulevard and Flux Magaizine.  She is a Sivananda-certified yoga teacher who after years of refugee work in Pakistan, Haiti and Darfur is convinced that writing is the greatest act of courage.

Retreat Information


$1,295 per person


-7 nights stay: own room w/ writing table, bed and private bathroom

-3 meals daily: local cuisine

-transport for 3 excursions to beaches & waterfall

-All materials for yoga

-All writing & yoga guidance

 Retreat is in Garopaba, Brazil; 50 miles south of Florianópolis.  Fly to São  Paulo or Rio de Janerio then to Florianópolis. *more details upon registration

Retreat dates: March 31-April 7, 2013

Registration closes January 15th, 2013.

Space limit 15.

Sign Up Today!

imagesCAARYIUHClick below for Registration Form, other Payment options, & General Information:

Brazil Retreat Registration Form

To Pay in Full  or to secure Your Space Today  with a Deposit via PayPal please visit my blog site:  


(Go to the Saraswati Writing & Yoga Workshops/Retreats page, then click on the Writing & Yoga Retreat Brazil!)

For more information please contact Stephanie Renee dos Santos:  stephaniereneedossantos@gmail.com

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